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About Timber Tote

Welcome to the new age of the campfire! Gone are the days of the huge messy pile of firewood. Now its just one simple, clean, easy to use log that provides hours of campfire enjoyment. Try one today!

Our Product

At Timber Tote we offer a simple One-Log-Campfire that is changing history. You are sure to have many hours of fun and enjoyment with our portable campfire! Join the future and try your Timber Tote TODAY!

Our Locations

We currently have a large following in the Midwest, but are expanding rapidly and will soon be in your area. To see if we are in your neck of the woods, find a nearby vendor!

Timber Tote - The One Log Campfire!

A NEW exciting product

Changing the way we have campfires is a new way of thinking. Cleaner, brighter and ultimatly more fun for the whole family. From weekend warriors to die hard campers, we are your future!


  • “We burned up a Timber Tote at a party Saturday night… biggest hit of the party! I ran out to Sunset/Highland park and bought the last three.”

    Debbie Cowles-Zonca
  • “I am gonna love this for kids around the campsite because they can easily roast marshmallows and hotdogs on it without worrying about them falling in a hot fire!”

    Ruby Keen
  • “Totally Awesome!”

    Kim Walters-Strong
  • “I Love these! We had one last weekend and it was the best campfire in a long time. AND, It was easy to start and lasted more than 2 hours!!!! A++++”

    Amanda Fleischman Walker