Timber Totes the one log campfire

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Lighting Instructions

  • person removes label from timber tote log

    Remove and discard the label.

  • person points to firestarter

    Locate and remove fire starter stick from inside the log.

  • person holds firestarter stick

    Set the log standing upright in a fire safe area. (Fire pit, fire ring, etc.)

  • person drops firestarter stick into hole

    Light one end of fire starter stick and drop lit stick down center hole in the log. Face side hole away from wind.

  • roaring campfire

    Enjoy your Timber Tote!


  • “We burned up a Timber Tote at a party Saturday night… biggest hit of the party! I ran out to Sunset/Highland park and bought the last three.”

    Debbie Cowles-Zonca
  • “I am gonna love this for kids around the campsite because they can easily roast marshmallows and hotdogs on it without worrying about them falling in a hot fire!”

    Ruby Keen
  • “Totally Awesome!”

    Kim Walters-Strong
  • “I Love these! We had one last weekend and it was the best campfire in a long time. AND, It was easy to start and lasted more than 2 hours!!!! A++++”

    Amanda Fleischman Walker